*** COVID-19 Dashboard as of 5:00 P.M. 3/24/2022: PAUSED *** Cases
Pending Lab Results 0
Negative Lab Results 5379
Active Positive Results (within the last 10 days) 0
Historic Positive Lab Results 582


  • ACTIVE POSITIVES do not include vendor employees residing off the Reef.
  • ACTIVE POSITIVES do not include ORC associates if tested outside of the Medical Center. 
  • ACTIVE POSITIVES do not include results from home test kits.
    1. All positive tests must be provided to the Department of Health.
    2. Five Hundred-eighty two (582) Historic Positives have successfully completed their respective isolation period.
    3. Case counts may include both in-house (rapid) and outside (commercial lab, i.e. Quest, LabCorp) testing results.