Informational Videos

We are pleased to offer you a selection of videos on various topics that may be useful to you in your quest for better health and quality of life. Please click on the thumbnails below to open a page with the corresponding video. If you have any questions or recommendations for candidate videos for this page, please contact us!

You're Being Poisoned to Death:  In Part 1 of the How To Academy, Dr. Robert Lustig talks about Sugar, Corporations and Processed Food. 27 minutes.

Meat Versus Veganism: In Part 2 of the How To Academy, Dr. Robert Lustig discusses Biomarkers, Blending and Insulin. Which diet is best? 20 minutes.

You Can't Outrun a Bad Diet: In Part 3 of the How To Academy, Dr. Robert Lustig investigates Gluten, Probiotics and Fasting -- and organics, fiber, and dairy alternatives. 21 minutes.

Processed Food, An Experiment That Failed: Dr. Robert Lustig's 2017 Medical Center Lecture explaining what happened to the American diet over the past 50 years. 96 minutes.

Restoring Vision and Beyond: Bascom Palmer Eye Institute's Whole Eye Transplant Project. In collaboration with the Everbrighter University of Miami. 2 minutes.