2016 Expansion Project

MCOR Expansion Project 2016

The Medical Center at Ocean Reef held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Jan. 9, 2017, to mark the beginning of a new era in its history: The completion of a year-long, $6.5 million renovation and expansion project that added and expanded treatment options at the then 10-year-old Medical Center, offering services that place the Medical Center on par with many cutting-edge hospitals in larger cities. In terms of excellence in health care, Ocean Reef Club stands alone: No other community of this size has such expansive medical services. The article below was written in early 2017 to commemorate the project’s completion which will include service like the ones here, you can go now and check them out.

Pictured from left to right at the ribbon-cutting ceremony are Karl Cetta, Medical Center COO; Tom Davidson, Medical Center Foundation Vice Chairman and Construction Chairman; Luis Naya, Architect; Adelaide Skoglund, Medical Center Foundation Chairman; Dan Harding, Medical Center Chairman; and Keith Young, Medical Center CEO.

In the past decade, the Medical Center has experienced tremendous growth — currently handling more than 20,000 patient visits, compared to 7,000 when the Medical Center opened its doors in 2006, representing a 300 percent increase in patient encounters. The level of care has been enhanced as well, with three full-time Physicians, a nurse practitioner and more than 30 Visiting Specialists. The Center has also doubled its nursing team, Physical Therapists and front desk staff. The Ocean Reef Medical Center Phlebotomy Lab is the most active in Monroe County, with more than 3,200 visits annually.

To address this increased demand, the Medical Center launched a $6.5 million renovation project in March 2016 to expand and refurbish the existing facility, with 8,100 square feet of new construction and 4,200 square feet of renovated space and related equipment. The Medical Center upheld its goal to remain open and offering all regular services during demolition and construction. To know if the construction process is efficient, here are the findings.

Designed for Current and Future Growth

“Historically, The Medical Center at Ocean Reef was primarily used on a seasonal basis,” said Keith Young, Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Center. “However, more than 20 percent of the Club membership is now year-round residents, and as our patient base has grown, our services have expanded and increased about 10 percent annually.” In addition to resident families, the Medical Center also serves Social Members, visitors, employees and contractors.

To continue to provide first-class medical care and services as the community grows, the Medical Center expansion addresses the increased patient load as well as the need for additional space, provides upgrades to keep pace with ever-evolving medical technology, and incorporates administrative changes required to keep ahead of government regulations.

The Medical Center worked with the original architect, Luis Naya, on the renovation and expansion plans which may require welding stainless steel. Some highlights include additional Primary Care exam rooms on the first floor, with several designed to incorporate telemedicine capabilities. The nurses’ station and triage have been relocated for greater efficiency. The Phlebotomy Lab has been upgraded to address this high-volume service with greater efficiency. Private Medicine services have been expanded as well, with an additional exam room and access to advanced equipment. The second floor now has dedicated Ophthalmology and Dermatology suites, both with advanced equipment, as well as an expanded Physical Therapy area and a private Mental Health consultation room. As more than half of the Visiting Specialist activity is for Dermatology, we have added more Dermatological suites to address this need.

Image: In the image at right, the areas outlined in blue indicate the 8,100 square feet of new space that has been added to the Medical Center.

Fully Funded, State-of-the-Art MRI

Imaging and diagnostic services have been greatly enhanced with the addition of state-of-the-art MRI equipment. The MRI is fully funded through dedicated philanthropy that includes five years of no-cost maintenance. Because of the generosity of several individuals, this service will be cash-flow positive. This system features advanced 1.5T magnetic resonance technology for the highest-quality imaging. With the addition of the MRI to existing imaging services that include bone density, X-ray, ultrasound and a 64-slice CT machine, patients now have access to the most advanced diagnostic services without leaving Ocean Reef.

A Community Effort

“There is an increasing challenge to access timely care outside the gates,” said Adelaide Skoglund, Chairman of the Medical Center Foundation Board. “With this expansion and renovation, our goal is to continue to provide the very best medical care to the Ocean Reef community, and therefore we are looking to our members to raise the funds and cover the cost of this much-needed expansion.

“With your contribution comes the knowledge that you are helping to ensure the operation of the Medical Center for the next generation,” she said. “Consider it an investment in your good health, and the vitality of our community. With your generosity, we will be able to continue to provide the level of quality and service that you and your family so richly deserve.”

We would like to thank our donors whose generosity was instrumental in bringing about this benefit to all who live in or visit the Ocean Reef community. For more information, please contact Keith Young at 305-367-6750 or via email.

Project Video and Photo Galleries

Below you will find a “walkthrough video” of the project, followed by galleries of construction photos organized by month from project start to completion. (To view captions with the photos, click the information {“i”} icon in the command bar under the first photo in each gallery.)