Healthnetwork Foundation

Your access to premier medical institutions nationwide begins with the Healthnetwork.

This service provides priority access to an extensive network of America’s top hospitals to help with researching, networking and arranging your care. Whether the assistance is for you, your spouse or family members, the Healthnetwork can help with accessing and disseminating key information about the health issue, recommending a top hospital and getting you in touch with the liaison at that facility to discuss available options. As a member of the Founders Society you may call upon Healthnetwork service.

Click anywhere on the map below for more information and links to the Healthnetwork Centers of Excellence with hospitals from coast to coast.

Healthnetwork Gold Card Program

Founder's Society members who have achieved Super Founder donor status by giving or pledging a minimum of $50,000 are given Healthnetwork GOLD cards. Founder level members may elect to support the Healthnetwork Foundation through their GOLD card program.

For more information, please call, email or visit the Healthnetwork Foundation website:

Toll-Free: 866-968-2467