Dr. Carlos Smith
Amy Walton

Welcome to the FitMed weight and lifestyle management program at The Medical Center at Ocean Reef. FitMed is an evidence-based weight management lifestyle program that utilizes a combination of medical consultation, nutritional guidance and health coaching to deliver meaningful and effective weight loss and maintenance.

Dr. Carlos Smith and assistant Amy Walton work with patients to implement FitMed’s approach for lasting results in weight loss and subsequent management.

As with hypertension and diabetes, successful weight management requires ongoing, lifelong effort, treatment and awareness. This includes lifestyle changes in diet, exercise habits, sometimes medications and, in more severe cases, surgery.

Using our knowledge in this ever-progressing field, we will work with you to understand why you are struggling with your weight and help formulate and implement a plan to achieve your goals that is catered to your lifestyle. We will monitor and motivate you along the way, and help you work on maintaining your new weight going forward.

The Program consists of an eight-week Weight Loss Phase followed by a four-week Maintenance Phase. It includes:

  • Comprehensive lab work at the beginning of the program and at intervals as appropriate
  • Initial, comprehensive medical evaluation with our Weight Management Physician, with subsequent follow-up visits as needed
  • Weekly, face-to-face nutrition counseling sessions with our Weight Management Health Coach
  • Frequent body composition assessment and measurements to monitor progress
  • Nutritional guidance and tracking with app and journal catered to you and monitored
  • An opportunity to coordinate with meal preparation program through ORC chefs and Reef Eats delivery

We are happy you have made, or are considering to make, the decision to tackle this challenge head-on to improve your health and well-being, and to maximize your overall quality of life. Our team is going to do our best to assist you in integrating healthy habits while achieving your weight-loss goals. For more information, call 305-367-2600.