Fun-Raiser 2022: And the Winner is … the Medical Center!

Pickleball in the Sun!

The 40th-annual Medical Center Fun-Raiser is now history! There was something for everyone this year, be it tennis, golf (9- or 18-hole) or pickleball, and even a chance to try your luck at winning up to $10,000 in cash ... all for a good cause: the Ocean Reef Medical Center Foundation!

The 40th-annual Fun-Raiser took place March 15 and 16, 2022.Tuesday’s rain didn’t dampen the tennis or pickleball players’ fun. Tennis players participated in a drawing for the winners followed by a great luncheon. Once the rain cleared, the pickleball event and 9-hole golf were game-on. Wednesday’s weather cooperated beautifully for the 18-hole golf event with more than 200 participants. Check out this year's winners below, and check the Fun-Raiser page for even more details, photos and downloads from this year's event.


The Davidsons

Fun-Raiser 2022 Winners

A-Flight Champions: Carolyn Allen & Barbara Kopczynski.
A-Flight Finalists: Tricia Griffin & Chris Garlich.
B-Flight Champions: Liz Angelone & Jordan Truchan.
B-Flight Finalists: Lorne Price & Brooke Weisleder.

Women: Jennifer Forelli. Second place: Barbara Kopczynski.
Men: Sim Wooten. Second place (tie): Mike Conley & Todd Doolan.

Golf: 18-Hole Golf/Card Sound
First Place: Bob & Cindy Manzo, Bill Rowley, Katie Rossborough.
Second place: Jeff Steinhilber, Mike Gleason, Eric Woodward, Dan Cronin.

Golf: Dolphin Course

First Place: Shannon & Pam Bass, Michael & Adele Acheson.
Second Place: Michael Miles, Scott Heffner, Paul Archibald, Bill Stavola.

Raffle drawing (L-R): Lori Young, Amy Joseph, Michele Urbinati

Golf: Hammock Course
First Place: Benny & Stacy Scott, John & Laura Reed.
Second Place: John & Jolaine McCormack, Hillary Smith, Dudley Mason.

Golf: Nine-Hole
First Place: Meg Dieppa, Gail Mazzei, Paul & Karen DiMaura.

Golf: Closest to the Hole
Card Sound: John Spina.
Dolphin Course: Adele Acheson.
Hammock Course: Adelaide Skoglund.

Raffle Winners
First Prize ($10,000): Darryl Copeland.
Second Prize ($5,000): Greg Monohan.
Third Prize ($2,500): Ina Broeman.

Haute Explore donated a fabulous trip to the Maldives, won by Cheryl Spence.

Congratulations to everyone, and see you next year!