Find Success with FitMed Weight Management Program

Paula Johnson before FitMed

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity, defined as a BMI of 30 or above, affects over 40 percent of middle-aged adults in the United States. Excess weight is closely related to chronic diseases including heart disease, hypertension, type-2 diabetes, sleep apnea, certain cancers and joint problems. People who struggle with weight often experience challenging resistance and subsequent regaining of weight due to impaired metabolic pathways that cause a decrease in their basal metabolic rate. Managing weight successfully requires ongoing, lifelong effort. Awareness and treatment, combined with lifestyle changes, can achieve permanent weight loss.

Dr. Carlos Smith and assistant Amy Walton work with patients to implement FitMed’s approach for lasting results in weight loss and subsequent management. Patient Paula Johnson has shared her journey, as well as her “before” and “after” photos, with us:

Paula Johnson after FitMed

“The FitMed approach to losing weight is more about a lifestyle change than a diet. It is like having your own personal team focused on your success. They used the most current medical resources, knowledge and technology to develop my individualized plan.

“Dr. Smith found the right pharmaceutical solution and monitored my overall health. Amy was like my own personal coach. She taught me mindful eating, making the best nutritional choices that fit my life. They also introduced me to an app that held me accountable. As I trained … I started to look forward to working out. I learned to use social media to share my journey and received support and encouragement from my friends.

“I am days away from reaching my first goal, I lost around 70 pounds and am preparing to run my first 5K race. This wasn’t a diet; it was a transformation … and I am grateful to the Medical Center’s FitMed program for the ‘new me!’”

If FitMed sounds like the right prescription for you, visit the FitMed page or call us at 305-367-2600!

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