2019 Sportsman’s Donor Club Challenge Blood Drive

Congratulations to
This Year's Winner:

The Racquet Club!
(Second year in a row!)

Who Will Win in 2020?

Ocean Reef Coast Guard Auxiliary
The Racquet Club
Ocean Reef Yacht Club
The Medical Center at Ocean Reef
Bonefish Bonnies
Card Sound Model Sailing Club
Bonefish & Tarpon Trust
Card Sound Sailing Club
Ocean Reef Chamber of Commerce
Card Sound Club
Angler's Club
Ocean Reef Art League
Ocean Reef Club
Ocean Reef Rod and Gun Club
Ocean Reef Conservation Association
Ocean Reef Flying Club

Past Winners

2019: The Racquet Club
2018: The Racquet Club
2017: The Medical Center at Ocean Reef
2016: The Medical Center at Ocean Reef
2015: The Medical Center at Ocean Reef
2014: The Medical Center at Ocean Reef
2013: Card Sound Model Sailing Club
2012: Bonefish Bonnies

Eight Hundred Units in Eight Years! (And then some!)

The eighth-annual Sportsman's Donor Club Challenge Blood Drive, held March 27 and 28, 2019, saw the 800th unit (pint) of blood donated since the first annual Challenge in 2012.

"More than eight hundred units since we started the Challenge means we've averaged more than 100 units a year," Medical Center CEO Keith Young said. "This is quite an accomplishment for our community."

The Challenge consists of 16 organizations and clubs within Ocean Reef Club and the Key Largo Angler’s Club. Each blood donor is asked to designate their gift of blood to one of these organizations. The organization receiving the most donated blood is the winner of that year’s Challenge and is recognized on the Challenge plaque displayed at the Medical Center. Additionally, every donor receives a custom collectible pin (this year's pictured at left) to exhibit his or her thoughtful participation in this worthy cause. Click here to download the 2019 Challenge poster.

Jay Holmes

Jay Holmes served as Honorary Challenge Chairman for the second year in a row. Jay is past Chairman of the Medical Center and he began donating blood as an Eagle Scout while in high school. He is still an avid blood donor who has donated at least 15 gallons in the past 60 years!

Why do we need to donate blood?

As blood cannot be manufactured outside the body and has a limited shelf life, it is necessary that our blood supply be replenished by generous blood donors, like you, continuously. Your blood is needed!

Who needs your donation?

People needing the most blood are being treated for cancer, blood disorders and accidents, as well as those undergoing surgery.

What about blood type?

Your inherited blood type is one of eight types, and your type matters when used for blood transfusions. All types are important.

Can I donate?

There are some restrictions based on your health history and/or prescription use, but most people are eligible. The Medical Center staff will be able to determine whether you are a candidate.

Can I help?

Please contact Judy Harris for information on volunteering to help at the Medical Center during the 2020 Challenge. And a special thanks to everyone who did so this year!

Next year, help someone in need of blood by joining the Sportsman’s Donor Club Challenge and know that your precious gift can save a life!