Medical Center Maintains High Quality Standards

The Medical Center’s Imaging Team

The Medical Center’s Imaging equipment has again received accreditation from the American College of Radiology (ACR), a distinction of excellence it has maintained for more than a decade.

Every three years the ACR inspects the Medical Center’s CT and MRI machines. This inspection provides that the organization is delivering the highest level of image quality and safety. The ACR documents that the facility meets requirements for equipment, medical personnel and quality assurance.

ACR certification assures patients that the facility is providing the highest level of image quality and safety. It is the gold standard in accreditation.

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The Medical Center passed all levels of inspection to achieve this accreditation. This includes both the CT and MRI machines.

Congratulations to the Medical Center’s imaging team: Danielle Chambers, B.S. (ARRT)(R)(MR)(CT); Alex Knox, CNMT RT (N)(MR)(CT)(ARRT) BXMO; and Patty Montes De Oca, administrative support; for providing best practices for Medical Center patients.

The Medical Center’s diagnostic capabilities also include X-ray, Bone Densitometry, Electrocardiogram and Ultrasound. The Center’s Ultrasound technology team is Orlando Jane and Soraya Pulido. Click here for more information about Imaging services available at your Medical Center.