Dry Eye Syndrome

The Medical Center’s Visiting Specialists Program offers ophthalmology and optometry services with several excellent providers such as Bascom Palmer Eye Institute; Retinal specialist Zachery Segal, M.D., of MedEye Associates; and Optometry services with Lauren Nicholas, O.D., of South Florida Eye Care Center.

Dry eyes affect millions of people nationwide, worsening with age and often causing vision fluctuations, particularly during activities like reading or using a computer. Symptoms include tearing, burning, itching, and occasional or chronic eye redness, sometimes accompanied by crustiness upon waking. Though rarely sight-threatening, dry eyes can be a persistent nuisance. Fortunately, with a deeper understanding of dry eye syndrome (DES), new treatments have emerged.

In a recent interview with Zachery Segal, M.D., Medical Director of MedEye Associates, he stated, “There are new cutting-edge technologies for the treatment of DES. Tempsure, a nonsurgical solution, employs radiofrequency waves to address Evaporative Dry Eye (EDE), the most common form resulting from meibomian gland dysfunction. These glands, responsible for producing a vital oil component of tears, decline in function with age. Tempsure stimulates gland function, reducing tear evaporation. Sessions, lasting 30-60 minutes, are painless with no downtime, allowing patients to resume normal activities immediately. Additionally, Tempsure promotes collagen and elastin production, enhancing lid blinking.

“MedEye Dry Eye Clinic also offers serum tears, ideal for moderate to severe cases. This therapy utilizes the patient’s own serum, rich in nutrients crucial for ocular surface health. Serum tears create a smoother, more nourished environment, effectively treating various types of dry eye.”

Dr. Segal will be seeing patients at the Medical Center on April 16. Visit his Visiting Specialist page or call 305-367-6702 for more information on his and other Visiting Specialists’ calendar dates.