Pediatric Care Collaboration at Ocean Reef

Recently the Medical Center, Public Safety, ORCA and the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Executive team met at Ocean Reef to discuss future developments for pediatric care at Ocean Reef. (See group meeting photo.)

Currently, Rosa Monte Fernandez., M.D., and Iris P. Silverberg, M.D., F.A.A.P., both seasoned pediatric physicians from Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, come to the Medical Center as Visiting Specialists.

The focus of the meeting was to discuss the potential for expanded pediatric services at Ocean Reef, as well as opportunities for community education. Of note was a proposal for Ocean Reef’s Firefighter-Paramedics to receive on-site training for specific pediatric medical care from Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Additionally, telemedicine, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s dedicated fracture clinic and ground transport processes were reviewed.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has 39 locations which span from Weston to Homestead, Florida. Pediatric care is provided by them at Baptist Health South Florida at 8900 N. Kendall Drive and a standalone Nicklaus Children’s Urgent Care facility is located in Homestead, Florida.

The excellent partnership and cooperation between these entities ensures the best healthcare for the children at Ocean Reef.