New Staff Physician is a Familiar Face

Dr. Manuel Torres

The Medical Center is very pleased to announce the addition of board-certified primary care physician Manuel Torres, M.D., to its staff of excellent health care providers.

Longtime Ocean Reef residents may recognize this name: Dr. Torres is the son of Dr. Manny Torres, anesthesiologist and Ocean Reef member beginning in 1983. Manny was affectionately nicknamed the “mayor of Ocean Reef” and was known for his low-key demeanor and delightful culinary treats of guava pastelitos. He loved spending time at Ocean Reef with his wife, children and grandchildren; playing golf; and deep-sea fishing on his 48-foot yacht. A member of the “Blue Coat Society at Ocean Reef,” he enjoyed telling the story of “Ocean Reef’s unique way of life” during new member gatherings — advising, “I am the past, you are the future. … I want to preserve this for my children.”

His colorful tradition advances with son Manuel (also called Manny) Torres, M.D.:

“To continue the family legacy of being a part of the ORC community, especially as a physician, is a gift and an opportunity,” our new Dr. Torres said. “I have such special memories of Ocean Reef during my childhood and am fortunate that my wife, Giulia, and our four children have been able to spend time at Ocean Reef as legacy members.”

The Torres’ oldest child is 21. Francesco, their youngest son, is 5. Francesco faces many challenges as an austistic child born with Hypothalamic Hamartoma, an extremely rare disorder affecting only 300 people nationwide. It is characterized by a non-malignant brain tumor and epilepsy. Actively involved in the organization Epilepsy Alliance Florida, the family has a personal goal of helping other families facing this challenge.

Dr. Torres has more than 20 years of primary care experience and was instrumental in evolving Baptist Hospital’s primary care practice.

“I enjoy the aspect of building relationships with my patients and working with them to develop preventative strategies,” he said. “The actions that are taken now will build on preserving and improving health years later. During my career I have built solid relationships with South Florida’s medical community and hospitals, and while my time at Baptist was a wonderful experience, I am looking forward and feel very fortunate to be joining the Medical Center.”

Dr. Torres will begin seeing primary care patients Nov. 21. To learn more about Dr. Torres or schedule an appointment, visit his page in the Physicians menu.

Reminder: It’s flu season. See us for your flu shot.