Private Medicine Plus+: Personalized Medicine Par Excellence

The Medical Center at Ocean Reef was one of the early providers of concierge medicine, a popular program with more than 200 members in the Private Medicine program. Continuing our trend of providing leading-edge initiatives, the Medical Center introduced the next level in personalized medicine with the Private Medicine Plus+ program in October 2016.

Private Medicine Plus+ is designed to provide the ultimate in personal access, wellness/longevity planning and health coaching services to help you achieve your health goals. And, the program can now accommodate a few additional members.

The program’s clinician is Dr. Thomas Mann, pictured at right. He is highly experienced in the field of wellness and preventative medicine, and is board-certified in Internal Medicine. Dr. Mann practiced Wellness and Executive Health at the renowned Greenbrier Clinic for 23 years and spent three of those years as Medical Director. More recently he served as staff physician at Cleveland Clinic Florida, where he practiced general internal medicine and worked in the Executive Health program.

The Ocean Reef Private Medicine Plus+ program includes all of the services that are part of the standard Private/Concierge Medicine program. Additionally, it covers such things as: 24-hour, seven-day-per-week access to the Private Medicine Plus+ physician including personal mobile phone number and e-mail; extended time for office visits; access to telephone, video and email consultations at no additional charge; physician home visits for appropriate situations such as minor illnesses and post-operative visits; and physician accompaniment to specialist visits when appropriate, both at the Medical Center and off-site. This can be especially helpful for consultations regarding new health issues or complex medical situations.

This self-sustaining and fully user-funded program is more expensive than the standard Private Medicine program because of the extra services it offers. The standard Private Medicine program is $3,000 per year. Private Medicine Plus+ is an additional $7,000 per year for an individual or $11,500 for a couple.

We believe this program is the finest personalized medicine program available anywhere, offering you the greatest peace of mind and optimizing your health and longevity potential. If you would like more information about this program, please contact Medical Center CEO Keith Young at 305-367-6750 or via email.